Symphony of Combustion was established by two long time friends with common interests. In 2017, founding members Cody and Evan made the decision to take their love of cars to the next level and join the world of competitive motorsports. With the Champcar Endurance Series Trophy in their sights, the team is hard at work preparing for the 2018 race reason.

Cody Crotty

Cody grew up loving cars, but it wasn’t until he purchased his Camaro in 2013 that things began to take off. At the time the Camaro was his daily driver, and in addition to keeping it running he managed to squeak in a few bolt on upgrades. Before long Cody’s uncle presented him with the opportunity to purchase a 1970 Impala that he brought back from Arizona. In addition to his love of muscle cars, Cody also had a soft spot for cruisers, so the Impala was right up his alley.  With that, collector car number 2 made it into the garage. Since then the Impala has mainly been undergoing some long needed rejuvenation and maintenance. After wrenching on small block Chevy’s for a few years, Cody decided to branch out and picked up a Porsche 924. The little German sports car is a bit of an unknown at the moment, but he looks forward to the challenge.

Team Role: Car Owner / Driver
Other Cars: 1970 Impala Custom, 1978 Porche 924, 1991 Camaro Z28, 2015 Cruze
Race Experience: Autocross, Amateur Drag Racing

Evan Remaker

Evan first started wrenching on cars out of necessity when he was 17. His $500 minivan had amassed 185,000 miles in its 14 year life, and it showed. With his minivan on it’s last legs he purchased a 2004 Mustang 6 cylinder to commute. It was after installing his first mod, a cold air intake, that the hobby, (some say addiction), kicked in. Since then, a few cars have called his garage home. Currently, his garage is home to a 2001 Mustang GT, a 1986 Pontiac Firebird, as well as his 2004 Mustang. When he’s not working in the garage Evan enjoys tinkering with computers and volunteering for a local robotics team which he is an alumni of.

Team Role: Car Owner / Driver
Other Cars: 1986 Firebird, 2001 Mustang GT, 2004 Mustang
Race Experience: Winter Autocross, Amateur Drag Racing

Ben Kalies

The family show car is what first piqued Ben’s interest in cars. His father owned a 1965 Impala SS for most of his early childhood, so Ben was no stranger to helping in the garage. Cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, dirtbikes, four wheelers, almost anything with an engine, got Ben’s attention. Still today, Ben and his father bond talking about, and working on cars and motorcycles. While Ben’s garage is a bit lacking, that isn’t to say he isn’t interested in owning a fun sports car some day. He is always talking about his next big purchase. Someday he’d like to Import a R33 Skyline GT-R or a MK4 Toyota Supra RZ from Japan.

Team Role: Driver
Other Cars: 2013 Ford Fusion, 1991 Honda CBR 600F2
Race Experience: Newbie

Larry Kakuk

Larry grew up in a racing family watching his aunt and uncle race their Top Eliminator drag car. Watching racing his entire life inspired him to become the racer he is today. He’s willing to do anything it takes to race and he makes racing his number one priority, since there’s nothing he loves more. He began his racing career when he was 22 years old, running a 2001 Mustang GT in the Summit Super Series Street Class and Test and Tune nights at Wisconsin International Raceway. Now he’s looking forward to giving road racing a shot.

Team Role: Driver
Other Cars: 1974 Camaro Drag Car, 2003 Dodge Ram 2500
Race Experience: Drag Racing