The ChampCar Endurance Series hosts endurance races all across the country that last anywhere from 7 to 24 hours. During these races cars are pushed to the limits of speed as well as reliability. Teams compete for an overall title as well as within their own class. Classes are segregated based on engine displacement. Generally races are split between two days, half of the race occurring on Saturday and half of the race on Sunday. Once the racing subsides Saturday night, teams aren’t allowed to work on their cars until racing resumes the following morning. Teams must develop a strategy on when to pit for fuel, as well as when to rotate drivers. Having a capable pit crew to quickly fix issues when they arise, to maximize on track time, is vital to success in the series.

The Tracks

ChampCar allows teams to compete at legendary racetracks across the United State's including Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey California, Sebring International Raceway in Florida, Road America in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin and many more. Each car has its’ strengths and weaknesses. Small agile cars tend to do better on small tracks and higher horsepower cars do better on larger tracks, so certain teams will have advantages based on their car and setup. Road America is our local track and offers two races per year, one in spring and one in fall. We will start by attending both Road America races each year. This will give us time to put the car through it's paces and get familiar with the league. As we become more established we'll to branch out and attend races at other tracks outside of the state.

The Cars

ChampCars are meant to be an affordable entry into racing, something the average Joe's of the world can get their hands on. To promote this, cars entered into the ChampCar Endurance Series are rated on a Vehicle Performance Index (VPI). Each car has a base VPI assigned to it. Performance upgrades such as suspension, brakes, and engine modifications add points to your car. Cars entered must be below 500 VPI or they will receive penalty laps. Well balanced cars with good fuel economy are frequently found in ChampCar races. Mazda Miata's, BMW E30's, Nissan 240's as well as cheaper cars such as Caveliers and Neons, are favorites of ChampCar teams. You won't see many V8 muscle cars.