Even though ChampCar is an affordable race experience, building a race car for the event from the ground up can easily cost $10,000 and in some cases $15,000 and beyond. Cars must have a full roll-cage, racing seat, racing harness, on-board fire-suppression system, and numerous other safety features to be able to participate in the event. Add onto this replacement parts, spare parts, performance parts, tools, fuel, tires and an race entry fee and the financial obligations can quickly become daunting. For this reason Symphony of Combustion decided to purchase a car that had already been prepared for racing. The 1979 Plymouth Arrow we purchased from North Carolina had previously been a dirt track car before the previous owner had begun to convert it to an endurance car. His friends had told him many times that his car was too nice to be a dirt track car. Depsite this fact, there is much work to be done on the car before it’s race ready. When purchased, the entirety of the car’s electrical system had to be rewired, as well as installing a fuel cell and surge tank, an Accusump system, seat adjustment sliders, and making new throttle linkage, as well as pages of other adjustments. Chrysler sold the Arrow under the Plymouth branding as well as a Dodge Colt, however, the vehicle is actually a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer, and is 100 percent Japanese. Parts are hard to find, but our car came with a massive amount of rare parts.

1979 Plymouth Arrow

Base VPI: 100
Current VPI: 305
VPI added items:
  • Caster/camber plates (home made) 5 pts
  • non OE carburetor 50pts
  • non OE distributor 20pts
  • non OE ignition coils 10 pts
  • exhaust header 25 pts
  • oil accumulator (Accusump) 10pts
  • oil cooler 20pts
  • non OE engine accessory pulley 5 pts
  • non OE aluminum radiator 20pts
  • non OE coil-overs 10pts each
  • non OE sway bar 20 pts

Class: B
Installed Engine: 2.0L Mitsubishi 4 cylinder, ~100 hp
Optional Engine: 2.6L Mitsubishi 4 cylinder, optional turbocharger, up to 200hp
Weight: ~1600lbs
Drivetrain:  Rear Wheel Drive, 5 speed standard transmission