A few months ago we started discussing what we could do for a team logo. We threw a few things together ourselves and quickly realized we were not graphic designers. In our search for sponsors we came across TrackSwag as they had developed some logos for the ChampCar Endurance series. We immediately loved their designs and felt like they were our style, so we reached out.

Before long TrackSwag had sent us some great preliminary designs so that we could choose a direction. Naturally, it was a struggle to agree on what we all liked. We went one direction, then another, and back again, in a giant indecisive loop. TrackSwag rolled with the punches and kept delivering the tweaks and edits we asked for and ultimately we reached a conclusion, and now have some kick ass logos.

Now that we have them we can start trying to branch out our “brand”. I’m sure apparel and decals will be things that follow shortly.

Again huge shout out to TrackSwag for these, and if you go to their website you can see some pretty cool racing apparel. http://www.trackswag.com/

Written by Cody Crotty