Ever since the first time starting our car yielded the smell of electrical fire, we set out to replace every single wire and connector on the car. This weekend we finally achieved it. We finished wiring our newly rebuilt tail and brake light sockets, our two fuel pumps, ignition, kill switches, and ran everything from the new gauge panel through our fuse block. We also made new brackets to hold our gauge panel onto the dash.

With the wiring done there wasn’t much keeping us from doing a test fire of the engine. We put the carburetor back on, tightened a few things and turned the key. The first test fire resulted in a few fuel leaks exposing themselves. Once those were resolved we tried again… this time Evan’s shoes got a new coat of oil. Once that was fixed we tried again and this time it came alive! The engine started and idled. We still have a bunch to do to make sure it’s running right but this was a great start.This weekend we also pulled off our front quarter panels so Larry could better inspect our roll cage. He already has big plans for modifications and repairs, and exposing the front half of our cage revealed some more things that need attention.

We have a couple videos of our starting attempts posted to our Facebook so go check it out!

Written by Cody Crotty