Once again the team hopped in the Larry’s truck and set out for North Carolina, but this time we had to pick up the trailer that came with our car we bought. I know what you’re thinking… ooo a trailer, SO exciting. Well smart guy it’s not so much the trailer, but what’s IN it that’s the fun part. Along for the ride we’ve got a spare 2.0L engine like the one currently in our car, as a well as an additional 2.6L engine we purchased. The beauty of this engine is that the 2.6L engines were turbocharged in some vehcicles, so eventually that’s likely to be the direction we move towards. To pair with these spare engines we also have a matching transmission for each one, and an assortment of spare parts including rims, differentials, headers, doors, a hood, etc. The list could go on for quite a while but it would most likely bore you. A couple of small setbacks occurred during the trip. We had minor truck troubles in Ohio that we were able to quickly remedy. In Chicago our trailer lights stopped working altogether, hours after sunset. After some troubleshooting we found a broken wire and were able to patch it together with wire salvaged from a soldering iron cord.

Next weekend we plan on doing a lot of work to the car. We have to finish the wiring, finish putting on our new sponsorship decals, fix some roll cage welds, and organize all our new spare parts. Keep an eye on our facebook of subscribe to our blog to keep up with the latest!

Written by Cody Crotty