We’ve spent weeks now going over what we all need to do to be race ready by April, and this weekend we got the tools out and started making it happen. We had some wiring issues when we first got the car back from North Carolina and upon further inspection we decided we would be tearing out all the wiring and redoing it entirely. We’re going to be running endurance races and any wire that wiggles itself loose could cost us precious time troubleshooting, so it all needs to be perfect. We started by removing the existing gauge cluster and switch panel shown in the image to the left. We want to add some additional gauges such as a speedometer, volt, and vacuum gauge. This requires us to redesign the cluster entirely. In addition we are planning to add a passenger seat to the car. We wont be able to use it during the ChampCar Endurance Series events, but hope that on practice track days we can have a passenger ride along. This means removing the existing switches and fuse block and adding them to our new dash cluster so we have room for the extra seat. We designed the new dash, and made sure each of the drivers could see all the gauges correctly through and around the steering wheel, and will be getting that fabricated in the near future. ChampCar rules state we must have two working brake lights, and we currently have 1/6 tail lights working. So, we are currently on the hunt for new bulb sockets for the rear of the car.

In addition, we removed all of the existing decals from the car. We’re currently trying to secure a permanent number through ChampCar and once this is done we’ll be ordering all required sponsorship and number decals.

We’re currently awaiting a few parts on order, but once those come in we’ll be able to get back at it keep you updated with our progress!

Written by Cody Crotty